Rules for staying

Rules for staying on the territory of the Experimental Loop of Research Institute of Railway Transport, JSC during the International Railway Fair in the area
1520 "PRO//Motion.Expo"

Dear visitors and exhibitors!


Please be advised that the territory of the Experimental Loop of JSC VNIIZHT is an object of increased danger, and therefore it is FORBIDDEN to:

  1. Use bicycles, rollers and other technical means;
  2. Walk dogs regardless of their size and the presence of a leash and a muzzle;
  3. Drink beer and drinks made on its basis, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products, consume narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, appear intoxicated;
  4. Smoke outside specially designated places;
  5. Leave children unattended and independent climb on the structure of rolling stock.


When visiting the Dynamic Show of the Experimental Loop, it is strictly FORBIDDEN to:

  1. Descend from platforms on the train;
  2. Be closer than 2 meters from the extreme rail when rolling stock is moving;
  3. Cross the railroad tracks following the moving rolling stock without being convinced of the freedom of the neighboring track;
  4. Cross paths in front of a moving train closer than 400 meters;
  5. Cross the path between standing uncoupled units of rolling stock with a distance between them of less than 10 meters;
  6. Bypass standing cars and other units of rolling stock at a distance closer than 5 meters;
  7. Step on the rails and turnout elements;
  8. Pass outside specially established routes indicated by the corresponding signs, pedestrian crossings, specially equipped pedestrian bridges, tunnels, overpasses, platforms.

Be particularly vigilant in places with limited visibility and when avoiding standing vehicles!