Day of Open Roads



Steam locomotives, interactive program and contests at
PRO //Motion.Expo

Day of Open Roads is the culmination of the International Railway Fair - PRO // Motion.Expo, which will be held on August 31 for children and adults from 10:00 to 20:00. Guests have free access to the exposition of PRO // Motion. Expo and also can see real steam locomotives in motion and become participants in thematic events.

Passport of a young railwayman

-It’s the main "document" of the Day of Open Roads for visitors from 3 to 12 years. On the one hand, this is a quest map on which you need to get marks of all stations by visiting them and taking part in various games. The path is laid in a space where more than 100 full-scale models of equipment are presented, dozens of models and exhibits from the present, past and future rail vehicles are collected. Passport turnover is a route for the most curious with questions that can be answered by going around the most interesting Expo locations. It will be possible to get prizes according to the passport of a young railway worker at special points of prize distribution.


Activities for young guests:

trains made of cardboard, wood, or even their images of nails and threads - an extensive program of master classes is provided, as well as a giant “coloring” - panel “Children's road through the eyes of children” (Pavilion No. 5).

Additionally, a trampoline zone, aqua-primers and animators will work on Open Road Day. A large number of prizes and souvenirs for participation and victories in contests and games during the holiday are provided.

Interactive Railroad Miniature

A special exhibit, which traditionally causes genuine interest in children of all ages and adults. Turnouts, semaphores, trains - large-scale models always fascinate with their accuracy, guests can see all this at Day of Open Roads.

The Miniature will be located in Pavilion 5

Learning Area:

for children from 5 to 12 years old, will conduct a training game on safety on the railway. Its purpose is to teach children the rules of behavior on the railway. The program has three training blocks lasting 20 minutes each. The game will take place on an open area three times during the day.


Dynamic display

- A unique display of existing railway equipment, locomotives of different eras will take place twice a day: from 11:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 16:00. Spectators will see cars from the oldest, locomotive of the L series, built in the 19th century, to the FD, which led the convoys during the Great Patriotic War, L, Swan, and P36, General, to the very last passenger locomotive produced in our country. The ceremonial trips will be accompanied by a theatrical performance with the participation of artists, illustrating the appropriate time: industrialization, war, the restoration of the country and the construction of the Baikal-Amur Railway.

Lecture Hall and Cinema:

for older guests, one of the best promoters of the history of railways, Alexey Wulfov, will tell about interesting facts and stages of their development in the Open Lecture Hall (Hall 4, Corporate University, 4th Floor). It will be possible to learn why the locomotives are “choking”, how the engineers tuned the beeps of their cars and where the tank locomotives were used. And also a series of popular science films about the development of railway transport will be shown during the day in the "Open Cinema" (Hall 2, Pavilion No. 5).

In addition, an interactive platform “Retro photo studio” will work for all guests of the Fair, where everyone can make a memorable photo in a historical costume with artists - reenactors against the background of a steam locomotive. 

We are waiting for you at the largest railway Fair in the area 1520 PRO//Motion.Expo!