Greetings to the participants

Roman Kravtsov
Roman KravtsovCEO of the TransTeleCom Company

Dear Colleagues!

According to the directions of development, set by the President of Russia, acceleration of technological growth is one of the priority state tasks. Digital transformation of economy involves implementation of the innovative technologies in the transport industry. Digital platforms are created and implemented in ACS «Russian Railways». And the necessary base for such platforms is the reliable information on the infrastructure, which is received in real time. These data allow forming the mathematical models of processes and carrying out a predictive analysis of the state of objects.

Taking into account the existing competences, the TransTeleCom Company actively participates in projects dedicated to digital transformation of the Russian Railways. The practical step of implementing projects based on reliable data was the participation of TTC in the pilot project to ensure a seamless system of controlling multimodal transportations from the port of entry to the logistics hub.

During the exhibition we are glad to show you the work of the Digital Monitoring Infrastructure Platform (DMIP). The technological approaches offered by the TransTeleCom can become a base for creating the unified system of controlling the cargo passing both on highways and by railway. The decision is implemented on the base of modern low-power wireless technologies. Obtained information will fulfil the predictive forecast of the state of real objects using their “digital copies” with the help of  Bigdata technology and mathematical models with feedback. The new project is aimed to reduce operating costs through the introduction of automation technologies, the integrated approach to the use of infrastructure and the reduction of investment expenses of the Russian Railways.

The digitization of the transport industry is the largest project which involves government authorities, academic institutions, public and private companies. The products of this large-scale job form a global ecosystem, in creation of which our company also contributes.

Roman Kravtsov
CEO of the TransTeleCom Company

Андрей Слепнев
Андрей Слепнев Russian Export Center, JSC

Dear participants and visitors of the International railway fair in Area 1520 «PRO//Motion.Expo»,

On behalf of Russian Export Center, JSC I am happy to welcome you on the site of one of the largest railway fairs in the world!

The International railway fair in Area 1520 «PRO//Motion.Expo is an efficient platform for experience exchange in the sphere of export and investment projects in the railway industry and finding foreign customers.

The Russian Export Center Group (besides the Russian Export Center, the Group includes the Russian Agency for Export Credit and Investment Insurance (EXIAR), EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA) ensures promotion of the entire range of domestic services in the field of railway engineering - from upgrading and construction of railway infrastructure to the rolling stock and traction supply, as well as related services and equipment.

We have supported dozens of projects for the supply of Russian railway engineering products in Areas 1520 and 1435, including both railcars and locomotives. We are currently working to implement major Russian Railways infrastructure projects abroad.

I wish the participants to use every opportunity that the fair provides to promote their products, find reliable partners and open new foreign markets.

Yours faithfully,
Andrey Slepnev
Russian Export Center, JSC