Today, it is common knowledge that railway transport is the most environmentally friendly [1]. The organizers of the International Railway Fair in the area 1520 "PRO//Motion.Expo" recognize environmental protection as one of the most important priorities in organizing the event and actively support the principles of sustainable development.

We strive to make the event environmentally friendly and to minimize the negative impact on the environment during the "PRO//Motion.Expo", therefore:

  1. Separate waste collection will be organized according to the principle: recyclable and other waste.
  2. All recyclable waste after the Fair will be transferred for recycling.
  3. Informing the participants and guests of "PRO//Motion.Expo" will be carried out mainly on digital, not printed media.
  4. All paper products used during the organization and holding of the Fair will be recycled.
  5. On the territory of the Fair, electric cars - an environmentally friendly type of transport – will be used during the Fair.
  6. Disposable masks will be collected in separate bags, sealed and disposed of. Disposable gloves will be sent for recycling.
  7. We recommend all contractors to use packaging made from organic or recyclable materials.
  8. We do not use plastic bags and plastic dishes.
  9. ECO-education of participants and guests of "PRO//Motion.Expo" on the topic of separate waste collection will be held at the event.


  1. Use contractors who offer environmentally friendly materials for the production of stands.
  2. Consider the possibility of repeated long-term use of stand elements when choosing materials.
  3. Rent stands or purchase stands intended for long-term use.
  4. Reduce transportation costs, this will reduce fuel consumption. For this it is recommended to choose a local manufacturer.
  5. For the design and construction of exhibition stands, use a variety of plastic ABS, SAN, ASA, and other high-tech and highly recyclable types of plastic.
  6. Invest in hi-tech digital technologies to provide information.
  7. Organize a heritage program - partnerships to create spaces and projects that promote the development of thematic target programs of the organization, or the transfer of finished material assets after the event to other organizations. For example:
  • Materials from which the stand is made should be transferred to a local school / college in Shcherbinka or nearby areas to form a working area for children / students.
  • To decorate the exposition, acquire plants in pots, and after the end of the exhibition, transfer them to botanical gardens, museums, schools, so that the plants have further life.
  • Materials from which stands are made to give for recycling and from recycled materials to produce souvenirs.

We thank all the guests and participants of the Fair for caring for the environment!

[1] The share of the influence of the railway on the environment in the total volume of enterprises operating on the territory of the Russian Federation is less than 1%. At the same time, the share of emissions into the atmosphere is 0.7%, wastewater discharges into water bodies - 0.05%, waste generation - 0.02%.