Information about admission to the International Railway Fair in the area 1520 PRO//Motion.Expo

Dear Members of PRO//Motion.Expo!

To access the International Railway Fair on August 26 and 27, it is obligatory to have a certificate that confirms the negative result of PCR test for a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), conducted no more than 72 hours before 10:00 am on August 26, 2021.

! The test result is valid for all days of the salon's operation.

The scan of the negative PCR test has to be uploaded to your personal account.

A certificate confirming the result of the PCR test has to be issued only by a laboratory accredited by Rospotrebnadzor.

To enter the salon site on August 28 and 29, PRE-REGISTRATION is REQUIRED, as well as any of the certificates*:
* Children under 18 do not need QR codes


QR code of completed vaccination


QR code of the past COVID-19


QR code based on the results of a negative PCR test

For the convenience of participants of International Railway Fair in the area 1520 PRO//Motion.Expo we have provided an opportunity to make a test for COVID-19 at the airport or at the railway station.

Central Clinical Hospital RZD-Medicine


On the territory of the Fair area in Shcherbinka on August 24-27, PCR testing point will be open (execution time up to 3 hours).  

The service cost is 2 000 rubles.

Work schedule: 

"Clean" zone (on the territory of the exhibition, after the registration pavilion)

August 24 – 10: 00-19: 00
August 25 – 07:00-19:00
August 26 – 07:00-19:00
August 27 – 08:00-19:00

"Dirty" zone (in front of the registration pavilion)

26-07: 00-19: 00 August 27-08:00-19:00

Take a COVID-19 test at the airport or at the train station

Two types of PCR test are available for you:

Express testing — receiving of the result in up to 3 hours

Standard testing — receiving of the result in up to 24 hours

You can register yourself and your nearest and dearest on the website to save time when registering in the laboratory.

How does it work?

Register on the website and fill in a questionnaire for yourself and your nearest and dearest. The questionnaires will be saved in your Personal Account.

Create an order online in just a few clicks. Pay for the order online or select the payment option in the laboratory.

Contact one of the laboratories located at the airport or at the railway station to take the test.

The test result will be sent to the email address specified in the order within
3-24 hours (depending on the selected type of test). The test result can be received in paper form in any express laboratory.

We understand how vital it is for you not to change your plans. Therefore, we check all doubtful tests twice to give a valid result. In these cases, time period for issuing test results may be prolonged.

Where can I take the COVID-19 test?

  • Sheremetyevo International Airport, Terminal B
  • Sheremetyevo International Airport, Terminal C
  • Sheremetyevo International Airport, Terminal D
  • Belorussky railway Station
  • Leningradsky Railway Station

Working hours of laboratories: around the clock


Standard test for COVID-19 (qualitative determination of the RNA of the SARS-SARS-CoV-2)

Cost: 1 800 rubles.

Execution time: up to 24 hours

Rapid test for COVID-19 (qualitative determination of the RNA of the SARS-CoV-2)

Cost: 2 750 rubles.

Execution time: up to 3 hours

According to the code word "EXPO", a 15% discount is provided for PCR studies.

Does the test meet the requirements (for travelers, visitors, etc.)?

Russian Railways-Medicine laboratories are included in the list of laboratories approved by Rospotrebnadzor to study a new coronavirus infection.

The certificate with the test result contains information in Russian and English, as well as a verified QR code of the laboratory.

The test result is transmitted to the EMIAS system and can be used to receive a QR code for visiting public places and events.

For additional questions: 8 800 234-33-33